Our Partners

  • SUP Stefan Uphoff GermanyDrink GmbH
  • S&H Sauer und Hartwig Germany

Who are we ?

  • An independent engineering consulting firm with its own design office, founded in 2006.
  • Your partner for trading with Germany.
  • A multi-specialty expert :
    • Recognized as a packaging professional in the German market by leading manufacturers
    • Recognized for its reliability, neutrality, independence and its commitment to its clients

& LIne EXpertise

What do we do ?

  • We support operators in all aspect of their packaging projects and can accommodate any type of products, containers, and packaging. In production units, our field of expertise begins with the management of in bulk empty containers and extends to the provision of storage of the sale units.
  • We offer, through our partners’ network, a careful selection of appropriate technologies, responding the operator’s needs by the integration of new machinery or second-hand equipment.
  • We work closely with the operator to carry out the plan of their project in order to offer them a good range of options and to guide them in their choices with technical and economic expertize.

Following the study, the operator links with preselected professionals who will realize their offer based on the blueprint. Throughout the project we remain the privileged partner of the operator, starting from the inception of the project until the reception of the facilities.

What do we bring ?

  • A rare skill, evidenced by the fact that the greatest German bottlers trust us.
  • Our experience gained by over 30 years in the field.
  • A great freedom in studies performed, with neutrality, independence, and objectivity.
  • Trade opportunities with Germany thanks to our language skills and field expertize.